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VPN Gateway

VPN Gateway

To understand VPN Gateway, first, we need to understand Virtual Network Gateway and Gateway Subnet (mentioned below). Please refer to the image below to understand properly.

VPN Gateway

What is Virtual Network Gateway?

Definition: A Virtual Network Gateway is composed of two or more Virtual Machines (VM) deployed to a specific Subnet called Gateway Subnet.

What is Gateway Subnet?

Definition: Gateway Subnet is a part of the Virtual Network IP Address range that you specify at the time of setting up your Virtual Network.

What is VPN Gateway?

Definition: A VPN Gateway is a specific type of Virtual Network Gateway that is used to send encrypted traffic.

What is a Tunnel?

Definition: A secure connection between the On-Premises data center and Azure VPN Gateway is called a Tunnel. The tunnel has several encryption mechanisms.

  • On-Premises datacenter has a Gateway to receive encrypted data.
  • You can deploy only one VPN Gateway in each virtual network but you can connect to multiple target datacenters.
  • Azure Tunnel

VPN Gateway Scenario: There are three main components. Azure Gateway Subnet, Secure Tunnel to encrypt data, and On-Premises Gateway make a complete VPN Gateway scenario.

Azure VPN Gateway enables the following encrypted connectivity over the public internet.

  1. Site-to-Site connection - Connect Virtual Network to On-Premises Datacenter.
  2. Point-to-Site connection - Connect Virtual Network to an individual device.
  3. Network-to-Network connection – Connect Virtual network to another virtual network.
  4. Multi-Site Connection: Connect one Virtual Network to more than one On-Premises data center.

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VPN Gateway
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