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What is a resource Group?

What is a Resource Group?

Definition: A Resource Group is a logical container of the related resources for an Azure solution.

  • Every service you create in Azure is eventually inside a resource group.
  • While creating a new resource in Azure, you must select/create a resource group first.
  • The resource group itself is not a resource, it is just a container that keeps all the related resources together.
  • Each resource can exist in only one resource group.
  • One resource group can have resources from multiple regions.
  • You can add or remove resources from the resource group at any time.
  • You can move resources from one group to another group.
  • You can give users access to a resource group and everything in it.
  • A resource can interact with other resources in the different resource groups.
  • A resource group stores metadata about the resources in it. When you specify the location of the resource group, your metadata will be stored at that location.

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