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Azure Dedicated Hosts

Azure Dedicated Hosts

  • Azure dedicated hosts provide physical servers that you can use to host one or more VM (Virtual Machine), for one Azure subscription.
  • Dedicated hosts are the same physical servers used in the data center, but in this service, they are provided as an Azure resource.
  • There are some benefits like:
    • Hardware isolation:
      • Physical server-level isolation
      • No other VM can be installed on this host.
      • Deployed in the same data center.
      • Shares the same network and storage infrastructure.
    • Control over maintenance:
      • There’s little to no impact on maintenance activities but still, you can control when the maintenance should happen to give you an extra advantage for critical business applications running on the host to choose the maintenance window.
    • Your own license:
      • On the advantage of Azure Hybrid, you can have your own licenses for windows and Azure SQL
    • Compliance:
      • You can meet more stringent compliance requirements when you're in charge of the hardware.
    • Global Infrastructure:
      • You can still take advantage of cloud computing benefits, like availability zones, fault isolation, high availability, and scale sets, and you can still use Windows, Linux, or SQL Server as your VM image.

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Azure Dedicated Hosts
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