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Azure Portal Overview

What is Azure?

Definition: Azure is a cloud computing service provided by Microsoft. Using Microsoft Azure, we can Create, Test, Manage and Deploy existing or new applications online in Microsoft data centers across the globe.

  • Microsoft Azure provides many cloud services like Computing, Storage, Networking, Analytics, etc...

What is Azure Portal?

Definition: Azure portal is a web-based console that is used to Create, Monitor, and Manage all the services provided by Microsoft Azure.

  • You can Build, Manage or Monitor your resources or services using command-line tools But the Azure portal provides the best alternative so that you can achieve the same functionalities using the graphical user interface.
  • Azure portal is available in all the data centers which mean there’s no downtime even for the maintenance activities and in cases of data center failures, the Azure portal is always available.

How to log in and use Azure Portal?

You can access Azure Portal using this link:

What are the key features of Azure Portal?

A few key features are highlighted below, that make the life of an Azure Portal user easy.

  • Personalize Dashboard: There is an Azure portal home page and dashboard you cannot customize the Home page, but you can customize your own Azure portal dashboard, you can change the layout and color.
  • Single portal: You can access all your Azure resources and services using the onetime log in on the Azure portal
  • Access management: If you are an administrator or an owner, You can assign roles and grant permission levels to the User, Group, Service Principals, or user-assigned managed identity or system-assigned managed identity on different resources in the Azure portal.
  • Constant Growth: Microsoft keeps updating the existing Products and services. It also keeps adding news services, which is beneficial for the users and developers and sometimes a bit difficult too to adapt to the new changes quickly.
  • Web Portal and Mobile: Azure portal is available on both web and mobile apps which allows the users to keep track of the resources and manage them efficiently even if they are not using either of them.

How to begin with Azure?

If you want to improve your knowledge in Azure, you can check out Azure Quickstart Center.

If you are new to Azure, this is the fastest way to get yourself on board and set up your cloud environment quickly.

To access Azure Quickstart Center,

  • Sign in to Azure Portal.
  • Search for Azure Quickstart Center from the search bar.

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Azure Portal Overview
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