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What is Application Gateway?

What is Application Gateway?

Definition: An Application Gateway is a request redirector (or Web traffic load balancer), based on the HTTP request data.

  • A load balancer does the same magic based on the incoming request IP address and Port and redirects to the appropriate destination IP address and port.
  • Application gateway can be used when we want to redirect the request based on the HTTP request data.
  • When you receive traffic from a specific web address, you can redirect it to a specific machine to process that request. That means you can send traffic from a specific web address to a specific VM.
  • Application gateway makes the redirect decision based on the additional HTTP attributes like URI Path ( OR or Host Header
  • Application gateway

Advantages of Application Gateways

  • Scaling: You can scale the application Gateway up and down based on the amount of traffic/requests you receive.
  • Data Security: Application Gateway has end-to-end encryption which helps to transfer data securely. You can also disable the encryption to process the requests faster if you wish to.
  • Zone Availability: Application Gateway can span multiple Availability zones. You don’t need to add an additional Application Gateway for each zone.
  • Multi-Site support: You can work with multiple websites using a single application gateway, you don’t need to keep adding a gateway for multiple sites, infect you can add up to 100 websites (Confirm this on Microsoft website) for processing.

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