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Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor

  • Definition: Azure Monitor is the service that provides the list of azure resources and services that are not performing with their full potential (100%).
  • Using Azure Monitor you can:
    • Get full-stack visibility on Azure resources
    • Find and fix problems
    • Optimize your performance
    • Understand customer behavior all in one place
  • As soon as you create the subscription and start creating/adding resources, Azure monitor starts collecting the data.
  • The main purpose of using Azure Monitor is,
    • To Maximize performance
    • To Maximize Availability
    • Identify issues before they become major problems


  • Definition: Telemetry is information about how services or devices are performing.
  • This information is passed to a central point for further analysis.
  • In Azure, the telemetry all goes into Azure Monitor, which gives you a dashboard in the Azure portal.
  • This telemetry is fed constantly into Azure Monitor that collects and monitors it all and this happens with most Azure services.
  • You can store and analyze all your telemetry in a centralized and fully managed location in the Azure portal.
  • You can use an interactive query language to query the telemetry data and learn about the data as well.
  • Use machine learning to predict and recognize any problems with your resources.

What data Azure Monitor collects?

  • Application monitoring data: Data about the performance and functionality of the code you have written, irrespective of the platform.
  • Guest OS monitoring data: Data about the Operating system your code/application is running on. This could be running in Azure, another cloud, or on-premises.
  • Azure resources monitoring data: Data about the operations of an Azure resource.
  • Azure subscription monitoring data: Data about management and operation of the Azure subscription and data about health and operation of Azure itself.
  • Azure tenant monitoring data: Data about tenant-level Azure services like Azure Active Directory.

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Azure Monitor
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