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Azure Database for MySQL

Azure Database for MySQL

  • Like SQL, MySQL is also a relational database, but there are some differences.
    • SQL is managed by Microsoft whereas MySQL is made and managed by the community.
    • SQL is paid product where MySQL is open-source.
  • Anyone can contribute to the new features and maintenance.
  • MySQL is used by millions of sites across the globe, and it is a very stable and reliable product.
  • Azure Database for MySQL comes with obvious advantages of using Azure.
    • PAAS – Platform As A Service: The infrastructure is managed by Azure
    • Availability: SLA up to 99.99%
    • Built-In AI: Custom analysis and suggestions for MySQL database performance improvement.
    • Integration: Tight integrations with Azure services like Azure App Service, AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service).
    • Security: Enterprise-grade security and compliance. Enhanced security capabilities of Microsoft Defender for identity.

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