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  • Governance, Compliance, Privacy, security, and everything else are integral parts of trust in an IT system.
  • There are two services on Azure that have to do with trust.
  • The first one is the Trust Center.
    • This is a shortcut to learn about all the things Microsoft does to make sure you don't lose trust in Azure and other Microsoft services.
    • There are links to learn about security, privacy, GDPR, location of your data, compliance, and more.
    • The links will take you to other Azure websites that can tell you more about the security implementation, privacy dedication, and so on.
    • Microsoft commits that on Azure,
      • You control and own your data
      • Transparency about the data location
      • Security of the data when in transition or not.
      • They defend your data.
    • The other part is the Service Trust Portal.
      • This is the location to review all the independent audit reports about Azure.
      • It is their portal of proof that they're complying with a million different standards and certifications.
      • It's crucial to know that Azure complies with all the various quality and security standards. In fact, more than any other cloud provider.
      • If you want to read some audit reports, the Service Trust Portal is a great place.

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