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Azure File Storage

Azure File Storage

  • Azure offers a fully managed file sharing service in the cloud.
  • File sharing is done over the industry-standard protocols: SMB (Server Message Block) and NFS (Network File System).
  • Azure Files can be mounted concurrently on Cloud as well as on On-Premises servers on Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Azure files share can be cached on a Windows server with azure file sync for fast access.
  • You can migrate your existing file storage from on-premises to the cloud with no downtime.
  • You can also keep the Hybrid architecture, keeping some of your file storage on the cloud and some on On-Premises.
  • Azure file storage is fully managed. You don’t need to worry about setting up any hardware or OS.
  • Some on-premises file storage issues, like those mentioned below, can be dealt with by switching to the cloud.
    • Limited amount of storage
    • Backup, restore, and maintenance of the data server
    • Security of the data. It needs a lot of skills and money to be invested.
    • File Sharing across organizations and to different groups is difficult.
    • Power outage and keeping the uptime of the hardware.

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Azure File Storage
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