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What is PostgreSQL?

What is PostgreSQL?

Definition: This is another open-source, relational database like MySQL.

  • This is often referred to as Postgres.
  • Name?: The first version of this database was on the basis of the database referred to as Ingres.The new version came after (Post) that. So, Postgres. After that, it became PostgreSQL to support SQL.
  • SQL is the language used to query the data in the database.
  • This is the default database for macOS.
  • Developers use this DB because of some good features like,
    • Rich Indexing
    • Integration with Visual Studio Code
    • Integration with JSONB – Binary version of the JSON data format.
    • Use the programming language of your choice, like Ruby on Rails or Python.
  • Horizontal scaling with Hyperscale. This allows very high-performant distributed data use across many PostgreSQL instances. You can scale easily to hundreds of nodes with no application rewrites.
  • It gives Performance recommendations based on how you use the data and the database.
  • There are features to monitor and detect disruptive events that can hamper performance, which you can then act.
  • Managed cloud functionalities (at no extra cost) like automatic database patching, automatic backups, and built-in monitoring.
  • This is ideal for online transactions processing, so can be used in the financial industry, can be integrated with mathematical applications like R and MATLAB.
  • Governments use Postgres for geometric data, (also known as GIS, or G-I-S). There's a powerful GIS extension called PostGIS, which provides hundreds of functions to process geometric data in various formats
  • PostgreSQL can be configured for automatic failover, zero downtime upgrades, and full redundancy.

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