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What is Azure ExpressRoute?

What is Azure ExpressRoute?

Definition: Azure ExpressRoute is the feature that connects your on-premises network to Microsoft Cloud over the Private (and not public internet) connection.

Azure ExpressRoute understanding:

  • The image depicts an ExpressRoute connection between your on-premises servers/datacenter and Microsoft Cloud datacenters.
  • Partner Edge is the entry point at an on-premises datacenter and Microsoft Edge is the entry point at Microsoft cloud datacenter.
  • Azure ExpressRoute


  • Using ExpressRoute, you can set up connectivity to Microsoft cloud services like Azure and Microsoft 365.
  • Connectivity can be any one of the following.
    • Point-to-Point Ethernet connection
    • Any-to-any (IP VPN) network.
    • Connection through connection provider at any colocation facility.
  • Express route connectivity never goes on the public internet, that’s why it provides
    • Faster speed
    • Greater security
    • Low Latency
    • Reliability
  • It gives connectivity to all the Microsoft cloud services across all the regions in the same Geopolitical region.
  • If you go for premium ExpressRoute, you can get global connectivity, across regions.
  • ExpressRoute enables access to the following two services.
    • Microsoft 365 services
    • Microsoft Azure Services
  • ExpressRoute provides various ranges of bandwidth ranging from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps.
  • You can also scale up-down the bandwidth.

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