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Azure Service Health

Azure Service Health

  • Definition: Azure Service Health is an Azure service that notifies you about Azure service incidents and planned maintenance so that you can take appropriate action to mitigate any risk.
  • Azure Service Health notifies you about any planned and unplanned incidents on the platform.
  • The features include a personalized dashboard, that shows the service issues that affect any of your resources.
  • Custom alerts to notify you of any outages planned or otherwise.
  • These alerts are very simple to set up and part of the Azure platform by default.
  • When an incident occurs, you can get the root cause of what happened, track the event in real-time, and then download the official report
  • Azure Service Health is available free of cost for the Azure Subscribers.
  • Azure Service Health should be one of the first things you configure for any new resources that you create.

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Azure Service Health
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