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What is Azure Cloud Shell?

What is Azure Cloud Shell?

Definition: Cloud Shell is an interactive and browser-based Shell that you can use to manage Azure resources.

  • Azure cloud shell provides an advantage of choosing the Shell you want to work in, either Bash or PowerShell.
  • Azure cloud shell provides a browser-based command-line tool, that gives an advantage of accessing it from anywhere using the web portal or mobile app. It is a browser-based shell, so you don't need to Install, Update or Maintain the version of the Machine.
  • Cloud shell requires Azure File Share for storage purposes. Both Bash and PowerShell data will be stored in single Azure File Share storage.
  • Azure Cloud Shell also provides a complete editor which supports file explorer, language highlighter, and command palette.
  • Cloud shell works on temporary host machine on per-session, per-user basis
  • If you do not interact with the cloud shell for 20 minutes, it will automatically log out of the session.
  • Azure cloud shell automatically authenticates the user For Azure CLI and Azure PowerShell

How to access and use Azure Cloud Shell?

There are two ways

  1. Directly open using this link:
  2. Click on the Cloud Shell icon to open from the Azure Portal, as shown in the screenshot below. Cloud Shell icon

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