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SharePoint Introduction

In this article, we are going to have a very basic understanding of SharePoint. Like what is SharePoint server and what is SharePoint online, how to access them etc...

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

  • In simple terms, Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based document or content management system and collaboration platform that can be customized according to requirements.
  • Organizations create a website in SharePoint. Then Create, Edit and maintain the documents or content in the SharePoint application and as part of the collaboration, the stored content is shared with the actual consumers of the content.
  • Apart from content management and sharing, there are lots of other features provided by Microsoft SharePoint but on a High level, all the features are eventually helping to manage the content and share the same.

Two ways to use SharePoint

  • SharePoint On-premise (SharePoint server)
  • SharePoint Online (Office 365 – O365)

What is SharePoint server?

  • Definition: SharePoint server is an On-Premise version of the SharePoint application which is kept in the organization’s own server.
  • SharePoint as software is installed in company Infrastructure/hardware.
  • In SharePoint Server, the organization has full control over the SharePoint application, server, hardware, and the entire infrastructure.
  • The organization’s IT team can manage the patches and upgrades of the SharePoint application
  • SharePoint on-premise gives you more flexibility and freedom to create complex and fully customized applications.
  • SharePoint is a heavy application. Hardware (servers) can be expensive. Upgradation of the storage capacity can cost Organization more and as the data grows, Organization will need to keep adding storage limits causing more expense to Organization.

What is SharePoint online?

  • Definition: SharePoint Online is a cloud-based application that is available to the user on a subscription basis in which you pay for the subscription and you get the SharePoint application as a service.
  • SharePoint Online is a part of many services provided by the Office 365 license.
  • In SharePoint Online sites are hosted in Microsoft Data Centre (MDC), so there is no infrastructure cost from the organization side.
  • Microsoft itself applies patches and upgrades
  • All the content, information, data, everything is stored in the cloud.
  • Microsoft owns data centers. The organization doesn’t have any control over the servers.
  • It is Microsoft's responsibility to keep the server up and running.
  • You need to purchase a license for O365 to use SharePoint as mentioned earlier SharePoint Online is one of the applications in that.
  • The issue with SharePoint online is that you get full support for Client-Side code but only limited support for Server-side code.

SharePoint Online Login


You can get a free O365 trial account in which SharePoint Online will also be available.

  • Access the URL -
  • Enter your credentials. Choose an account or enter a new account Id.
  • SharePoint  Online Login
  • Click on ellipsis and select SharePoint
  • o365 all apps


  • You can also get a free trial account created for SharePoint Online.

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