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What is Container and Azure Container Instance (ACI)?

What is Container?

Definition: In the azure context, the container is a software package.

  • This container bundles the application’s code and all the configuration files, libraries, and all dependencies needed to run the application.
  • This will allow the deployment team to deploy the application seamlessly in multiple environments.

What is Azure Container Instance (ACI)?

Definition: Azure Container Instance is a serverless way to deploy and run the containers in Azure.

  • Azure Container instance offers the fastest way to run the container in Azure, without managing any Virtual Machine.
  • The operation team can reply on containers being the same every time, no matter which target they are being deployed to.
  • Azure Container Instance starts the VM a lot quicker compared to a Virtual Machine.
  • ACI caches some common OS images, which helps to speed up the deployment.
  • ACI can deploy both Linux and Windows containers with the same API, we just need to provide the OS type at the time of creating the container group.
  • All the application dependencies are included in the container Image.
  • Applications running in containers can be easily deployed at multiple software and hardware.
  • Compared to ACI, Virtual Machine requires a lot of updates and maintenance. ACI doesn’t have any component related to OS that requires support.
  • Development and deployment are a lot easier and faster resulting in quicker delivery.

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