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What is Azure PowerShell?

What is Azure PowerShell?

Definition: Azure PowerShell provides a set of cmdlets that we can use to create and manage Azure resources.

  • We can use theAz PowerShell module which is a very powerful and recommended module for managing Azure resources on all the platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • You can install Az PowerShell locally on Windows, macOS, and Linux machines.
  • Az PowerShell can also be accessed via browser using Azure Cloud Shell or Inside Azure Docker container.
  • Azure PowerShell supports a few authentication methods likeInteractive Sign-In, using Service Principal, using Managed Identity, Authentication using Non-default Tenant or as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP).

Azure RM PowerShell Module

  • Azure RM PowerShell module is the predecessor of the Az Module.
  • All the Cmdlets in RM PowerShell modules are available in the Az module.
  • Azure RM Module is going to be deprecated in Feb 2024 and no new capabilities are being added in the RM module, so it is advisable that,
    • You should only use the Az module for any new development.
    • You should upgrade all your existing development from the RM PowerShell module to Az Module.

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