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Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection

  • You can set the policies to classify, label, and protect data based on its sensitivity.
  • Classification with Azure Information Protection is fully automatic, driven by the user, or based on recommendations.
  • You can add classification and protection information to the data, which provides persistent protection. This will ensure the data remains protected irrespective of where it is stored or to whom it is shared.
  • You can track all the activities on the shared data, and you can also revoke the access if needed.
  • The powerful logging and monitoring of reports enable you to analyze and act on the data.
  • You can share the data with clients, vendors, and coworkers. You can define who can access and what they can do with the shared content, like only view but not edit or delete.
  • Data classification and protection are integrated into office documents and other common applications to secure the data with one click.
  • You can make decisions based on In-product notification and recommendations.
  • Whether your data is stored in on-premises or in the cloud, it helps to protect them. You have the flexibility to choose how your encryption keys are managed, including BYOL (Bring Your Own Key), and HYOK (Hold your Own Key).

How does Azure Information Protection work?

  • Please refer to the figure below.
  • If User 1 needs to send an email with sensitive information or attachment to the users inside the organization or to the external users, then the user can use Azure Information Protection to secure that data.
  • Azure Information Protection
  • User 1 uses a label that is defined in Azure to tag the document and create a link to Information Protection.
  • Every time a user opens it, the user is validated, and the document is protected.
  • Whenever the document is opened, edited, deleted, shared or any action is performed – everything is logged.

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Azure Information Protection
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