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What is Azure App Service?

What is Azure App Service?

Definition: App service is a feature in Azure that allows you to create web applications, mobile applications, RESTful APIs in your language, without managing infrastructure.

  • Azure App Service is a PAAS (Platform As A Service) offering of Azure.
  • While working in an app service, you don’t need to handle servers, networks, storage. All these are managed by azure itself. You just need to work on your business logic in App service.
  • App service supports both Windows and Linux.
  • App service enables automatic deployment using Azure DevOps, GitHub, or any other Git repository.
  • You can work in your favorite language like .Net, Java, Ruby, NodeJS, Python, PHP, .Net Core.
  • App Service adds the features of Azure like auto-scaling, load balancing, security, automated management.
  • Web Apps for containers lets us deploy and run containerized applications.
App Service comes in 3 categories
  1. Web Apps: Website and online applications hosted on Azure’s managed platform
  2. Web Apps for Containers: This type of app service allows us to deploy and run containerized applications in Azure
  3. API Apps: It is helpful to connect and expose any data backend.
    1. This has API – Application Programming Interface.
    2. No Graphical component or UI interface.
    3. Connects other applications programmatically.

Some key features of App Service.

  1. Multiple languages and framework support: App service has the support of languages like, .Net, .Net Core, Java, Ruby, Python, NodeJS, PHP, etc.…
  2. Containerization and Docker: We can run and deploy Containerized applications too.
  3. Security: App service is various security certificates compliant. It authenticates the users with Azure AD, Google, Twitter, Facebook, or Microsoft accounts.
  4. DevOps: You can set up CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) pipeline in Azure for App service.
  5. VS Studio or VS Code integration – Integration with Code editor tools, like Visual Studio or Visual studio code is easy.
  6. API and Mobile features: App service provide support for cross-platform applications for RESTful API scenarios. It simplifies mobile app scenarios by enabling authentication, offline data sync, push notifications, etc.
  7. Serverless Code: We can run a code snippet or on-demand script without setting up any infrastructure for that.
  8. Production Environment: App service automatically install patches and updates, maintain the OS, language support on the infrastructure. The developers don’t need to do focus on that area.
  9. High Availability: App service can be scaled up and scaled out according to requirement – manually or automatically.
  10. Connections to SAAS application and on-premises data: We can easily connect to the applications in on-premises locations.
  11. Application Templates: We have an extensive range of application templates in the Azure marketplace for app service.

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