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What is Scale Set?

What is Scale Set?

Definition: Azure lets you create and manage a group of identical, load-balanced VMs. This is called Scale Set.

  • You create a baseline VM and then from that VM you can create more VMs.
  • How this is helpful? When the resource demands increase, the 2nd VM will be used. Let’s say there’s more demand in resources, then 3rd VM will be created. Now let’s say demand decreases, then it will scale out the 3rd VM automatically.
  • You can also schedule the scaling if you know the behavior of your application.

What are the advantages of the Scale set?

  • Easy to manage: It is easy to manage multiple identical VMs using a load balancer.
  • High Availability: all the VMs in the scale set are identical so if 1 VM fails, the others from the scale set will keep working.
  • Automatic Scaling: For increasing demand, it will scale up and for decreasing demand, it will scale down the VM automatically.
  • Large Scale set: It can go up to 1000 VMs in a single scale set. This is a huge number to cover any possible scenario.
  • No Extra Cost: There’s no extra cost for using a scale set. You only pay for the VMs, not the scale set.

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