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How to Create a Survey in SharePoint

Creating a survey in SharePoint is a practical way to gather feedback, conduct polls, or perform assessments within your organization. SharePoint offers different tools to create surveys, with the most straightforward method being through a SharePoint list or using Microsoft Forms, which can be integrated with SharePoint. Here’s how to create a survey in SharePoint using these methods:

Method 1: Using Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a powerful tool for creating surveys, quizzes, and polls, and you can easily integrate it with SharePoint.

  • Create the Form:
  • Go to Microsoft Forms.
  • Click on New Form to create a new survey.
  • Add your questions by choosing the type of answers you want (choice, text, rating, etc.).
  • Customize settings such as who can fill out the form, options for responses, response receipts, etc.
  • Share the Form on SharePoint: Once your form is ready, click on Collect Response at the top right of the Forms interface.
  • Choose the option to get a link that you can share or embed.
  • Copy the link or the embed code provided.
  • Add to SharePoint: Go to your SharePoint site where you want the form to appear.
  • Edit the page where you want to insert the form.
  • Click on "+" to add a new web part and select the Script Editor web part.
  • Paste the link or embed code of your form.
  • Publish or save the page to make the form visible to users.
  • Method 2: Using SharePoint Lists

    If you prefer a native SharePoint solution, you can create a survey using a custom list:

  • Create a Custom List: Go to your SharePoint site.
  • Click on Site Contents, then New, and select List.
  • Choose to create a list from a blank list or use an existing template.
  • Name your list and add a description if necessary.
  • Add Survey Questions: Once the list is created, you can add columns to the list; each column will represent a survey question.
  • For each question, select the type of column that best suits the response format (e.g., Choice for multiple choice questions, Text for open-ended questions, Number for numerical responses).
  • Configure List Settings:
  • Go to List Settings to configure advanced settings such as permissions (who can view responses), versioning, and more.
  • Set up the list so that respondents can add items but not view others’ responses if anonymity is required.
  • Share Your Survey: Go back to the list and select Share to invite people to respond to your survey.
  • You can send them a direct link to the list.

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