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Setup Custom Document Template in SharePoint library

In this article, we are going to see how we can add and use a document template in library. Using a template, you can set a default file type so that every time a new record is created, that file/template will be used.

If all the documents added in a library are of an identical template, then it becomes easy for the users to view the documents and audit the records as well.

Setup an initial template for Document Library

  • Go to Site Content
  • Click on New >> App
  • Click on Document Library.
  • new document library button
  • A pop up will open. Click on Advanced Options.
  • document library adcanced options navigation
  • Another window will open. Enter name ad description of the library.
  • document template select options
  • The main part is Document Template. Select the default template file format here. Click on Create.
  • Here, we have selected Excel Spreadsheet.

Customize the default template in the document library.

  • Go to Document Library settings of the newly created library.
  • Click on Advanced Settings.
  • Scroll down to the Document Template section
  • edit document template
  • Now, here we want to customize the default template. So, click on Edit Template.
  • Template file (Excel here) will open. You can add the customization you want.
  • template customization
  • You can see, I have added 5 columns in bold and added background color.
  • Now, you have 2 options.
    • You Save the modified template.
    • You Save As (Different File Name) the template.
  • I haven’t touched the default template. I have saved the file giving different name. If you have given different name, you need to mention that in the Template URL.
  • edit document template
  • Now, if you try to add any document using New button, you will see the updated template.
  • show updated document template

Add Custom file template

  • What if you want to specify multiple templates? Let’s see how you can achieve this.
  • There are 2 options.

Option 1: using Modern UI of the library

  • Go to Library
  • Click on New >> Add Template
  • modern UI add template
  • Here, I have added one Power Point file as a template.
  • Immediately you can see a template added in the drop down. You can start using it.
  • modern UI Updated template

Option 2: Using File Explorer

You need t perform this in Internet Explorer only.

  • Open your library in Internet Explorer – Modern Experience.
  • For Modern SharePoint - Click on – View in File Explorer from AllDocuments dropdown.
  • View In File Explorer
  • For Classic SharePoint – Click on Library on the Ribbon Menu, then click on Open with Explorer in Connect & Export.
  • classic open with explorer
  • You will get this option only in IE browser.
  • File Explorer will open.

Note: If File Explorer doesn’t open, then, you need to add the site in Trusted Sites from your browser settings.

  • It will open the Document Library location. We will append Forms at the end of the URL.
  • Forms path in file explorer
  • Now copy and paste your template here.
  • Go to Document Library settings of the library.
  • Click on Advanced Settings.
  • Scroll down to the Document Template section
  • edit document template
  • Update the path of the newly added template.
  • Whatever template you have added, it will start appearing in the drop-down section where we select the type of the file.
  • modern UI Updated template

Setup Document template in Library Content type

  • Let’s say you have added three content types in document library.
  • Now the ask is to use different template for different content type.
  • Go to library settings and click on a content type where you want to set the template.
  • List Content type setting page will open. Click on Advanced settings.
  • list content type advanced settings
  • Advanced settings page will open. Here you have a choice to either choose and existing template or – Upload a new document template.
  • upload new document template
  • I have added a Power point template.
  • Now you can see all the content types having different template added in library.
  • different template for different content types

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