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How to Create a SharePoint List using Excel

SharePoint allows us to create a List using an excel file. In this article, we will see what configuration we need to make in excel before we use it to create a list and then how to create a SharePoint list using excel.

Create an Excel file with Table

  • Open an excel
  • Add columns and some data (if you want) to it.
  • excel with data
  • Select all the cells that you want to include in your table and click on Format as Table from Home tab
  • excel format as table
  • Save the file.

Create a SharePoint List using table formatted Excel.

  • Go to your SharePoint Site.
  • Go to Site Content.
  • Click on New > List
  • new list
  • Click on From Excel.
  • new list from excel
  • If you have already uploaded the excel file on the SharePoint site, then select it else click on the Upload file.
  • excel list upload file
  • Upload the file that we had created.
  • It will come up with the columns and rows. It will also allow you to change the data type of each column.
  • imported excel
  • Enter the list name and change the column types if you want and click on Create.
  • That’s it. Done!!! Your List is created.

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