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How to Delete SharePoint Online Site

To delete a SharePoint Online site, you need to have appropriate permissions and access to the SharePoint admin center. You can take the back up before deleting if you are not sure of the action.

Delete SharePoint Online Site

  • Navigate to the SharePoint admin center.
  • This is how you can open a SharePoint admin center. The admin center is located at :
  • In the SharePoint admin center, go to the Active sites section. You should see a list of all the active sites in your organization.
  • Select the Site to Delete: Find the site you want to delete from the list of active sites. You can use the search or filter options to locate the site quickly.
  • Delete the Site: Select the site by clicking on its name to open the details pane. In the details pane, you should see an option to delete the site. Click on it.
  • Confirm Deletion: SharePoint will typically ask you to confirm that you want to delete the site. Confirm the deletion.

It's crucial to note that deleting a site is a permanent action, and all the content within the site, including documents, lists, libraries, and subsites, will be permanently removed. Therefore, exercise caution and ensure that you have appropriate backups or have migrated any essential content before deleting a site.

Restore deleted SharePoint online site

  • Deleted sites can be recovered from the SharePoint admin center.
  • Deleted sites are there in recycle bin for 93 days, after that the site will be automatically deleted.
  • If you need to recover a site within this period, you can do so from here:
  • Click on Deleted Sites from left panel link of the admin center.
  • Select your site and click on Restore.

Delete SharePoint Online Site Using PowerShell

Download and install SharePoint Online Management Shell from Microsoft's official site.

Install the PowerShell Module: To install, run the below command.

Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell

Run the following command to connect to your tenant.

Connect-SPOService -Url

Replace your-tenant-admin with the appropriate admin URL for your tenant.

Use the following command to remove the site:

Remove-SPOSite -Identity

Replace with the URL of the site you want to delete.

By default, the command will ask for confirmation. You can override this by adding the -Confirm:$false parameter.

Final PowerShell Script for SharePoint site Deletion:

# Connect to the SharePoint Online tenant

Connect-SPOService -Url

# Remove a specific site

Remove-SPOSite -Identity -Confirm:$false

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