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How to add a guest to a SharePoint site

Adding a guest user to an organization’s SharePoint site is a very critical task because you are exposing your internal site to the people outside your organization. Let’s look at the article to know how we can do that.

Enable external Sharing

Tenant Level:

· Go to the SharePoint Admin Center from Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

· Click on Policies and then Sharing.

· Ensure that external sharing is set to "Anyone," "New and existing guests," or "Existing guests" depending on your organization's needs.

· Save the settings.

Site Level:

· In the SharePoint Admin Center, navigate to the site collection you want to share from.

· Go to Active Sites >> Select the Site and then Click on Sharing.

· You can also click on the site then go to Settings tab and change the External file sharing option.

· Ensure sharing is allowed and matches the tenant settings.

Steps to add a guest to SharePoint Site

  • Go to the SharePoint site where you want to add a guest.
  • Go to Site Settings and Click on Site permissions.
  • Click on Grant Permissions.
    • Enter the Email address ((e.g., [email protected]) of the guest user, Set the permission level (Read, Edit, Full Control).
    • You can also include a personalized message to provide context to the invitation.
    • Click Share. The guest will receive an email invitation.
    • The guest must accept the invitation through the email. They may need to log in using a Microsoft account or create one.
    • You can verify that the guest appears in your Site permissions list and confirm they have the correct access level.

Security Best Practices for guest access

  • Periodically review guest access and remove users who no longer require it.
  • Use conditional access policies if sensitive information is involved.
  • Permissions: Consider creating a new permission group specifically for guests with appropriate permissions

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