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Why do you choose Microsoft Dataverse for data storage?

  • Management: Dataverse schema and data both are stored in cloud.
  • Cloud Storage: It provides cloud-based storage so that you can access data from anywhere.
  • Security: Provides Role based security so that you can control the access of the tables.
  • Dynamics 365 Data: Dynamics 365 applications data are also stored in Dataverse. So now you can quickly build your PowerApps and use Dynamics 365 data.
  • Data Types: It is designed to work with any type of data, and it incorporates most of the data technologies like relational, non-relational, data lake, image, file, search.
  • Designer: Daraverse gives us visual designer to create tables, columns, views, rules quickly, using which we can quickly setup our database.
  • Virtual Tables: Dataverse supports Virtual tables where you can use external database tables within Dataverse.

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