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Can you tell some tips to improve performance of the canvas apps?

  • Use less connectors. More connector means more time the app will take to login to each connector and then open. According to Microsoft, don’t use more than 30 connectors in the app.
  • Don’t use too many controls in the app. To be specific try to limit them to 500.
  • You can use Set() function to store the data especially when you try to retrieve from a datasource. Repeating data source connection will make your app slower.
  • Try to optimize Onstart property.
  • You can use Concurrent() function to execute multiple methods parallelly.
  • You should try to minimize control dependencies between the screens. E.g. screen 1 textbox control is dependent on screen 2 label. Screen 2 Textbox is dependent on Screen 5 field. This will lower the performance of the app.
  • Use functions to delegate the data processing to the data sources rather than fetching the data and processing them in Powerapp.
  • Power platform updates and optimizes continuously. It is advisable to publish the apps regularly.
  • Don’t use repeating formulas. If the formula is complex, store the output in a variable and use that.
  • Enable DelayOutput on all the text input controls.
  • Use DelayItemLoading and Loading spinner to improve performance in Gallery.
  • Try to avoid using Form.Updates in rules and formulas because if you refer user input value using Updates, it iterates through all the data card of the form and creates a record each time. Refer the value directly from the data card or the control value.

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