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What are the limitations/disadvantages of PowerApps?

  • Canvas apps are not responsive so you may need to create 2 different versions. One for landscape and one for portrait view.
  • Only one developer can work at a time on canvas app, Co-authoring is not allowed.
  • Cannot integrate REST-API, JavaScript in PowerApps forms.
  • It works on licensing model. Licensing model is too complicated to understand that sometimes the cost increases too quickly for advanced apps.
  • It is made especially for citizen developer, but complicated business applications can’t be developed and handled by them. We need experienced developers for that.
  • PowerApps Offline capabilities are not robust. A lot of customizations are needed for that.
  • Model driven apps only support data verse as backend.
  • By default, app can retrieve only 500 items and you can retrieve maximum up to 2000 items but that will decrease the performance.
  • Power apps is made for organization’s internal use only. The app can be shared to the external/guest user of an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant.

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