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What is the difference between a Canvas app and a Model-driven app?

Canvas App

Model Driven App

You get a blank screen, you can add components on the screen to build your UI and of course you get a lot of choices for the backend (database) as well

Most of the components in the app are based on the data you choose. This data is stored in dataverse.

You have complete UI Control

You can do very limited amount of UI customization

You can choose Microsoft Dataverse (formerly CDS) and many other data sources as backend using connectors.

Only Dataverse can be used as backend

This is not responsive. You can create app in either portrait or landscape mode.

This is responsive. Unlike Canvas app, this will render itself to match the device resolution.

Migration becomes difficult between different environments as in case of different database other than datavese.

Migration is easy as it has only Data verse as backend.

The time for completion of app is mostly depends on the complexity of the project

The app can be created rapidly.

Manipulation of the control can be done via Microsoft Power Fx expressions.

No need to write code for the app components.

Version Control is supported

Version control is not supported. Once you create, it can only be modified by the subsequent changes/deployments.

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