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What is Timer Job?

Definition: Timer Job is a process that runs periodically in background.

You can find the timer job from Central Administration >> Monitoring. You can check the status of the timer job from Check Job Status link.

Scenarios: Followings are some examples of real time business requirements.

  1. Send weekly emails to manager on every Friday before closing of the day
  2. Send daily status to client - every day at 6.00 PM
  3. Check the entire farm once every month and delete closed sites.

Periods: A SharePoint Timer job can be executed on one of the below schedules.

  1. Minute
  2. Hour
  3. Day
  4. Week
  5. Month
  6. Year
  7. One Time


  1. You need to attach “OWSTimer.exe” process in order to debug the code.
  2. Timer Job will be deployed as “Farm Solution” only.
  3. Every time you change the code of Timer Job, you need to restart the SharePoint Timer Service from windows services (services.msc).

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