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What is the difference between SharePoint Hosted App and Provider Hosted App?

Before we go for differences, keep in mind below two definitions.

Host Web: The SharePoint Site where App is deployed and hosted is called Host Web 

App Web: The separate place other than Host Web where the resources/files (JavaScript, CSS, HTML files, etc...) are deployed is called App Web 


SharePoint Hosted App Provider Hosted App
In case of SharePoint hosted App, components are deployed on a subsite of Host Web called App Web. In case of Provider hosted app, components are deployed and hosted outside the SharePoint farm.
App components are hosted in isolated app domain of SharePoint farm SharePoint App is installed in Host Web but their components are deployed and hosted on the server and that server should not be in SharePoint farm.
App gets authorized by signed in user’s rights. App gets authorized by OAuth or cross-domain library to access SharePoint list, libraries and other components.
It supports programming in JavaScript and html. You cannot use server-side code You can use any scripting language until and unless it is supported by your web server or hosting service
Relatively they are easier to create and deploy Creation and deployment of Provider Hosted App is a bit complicated as compared to SharePoint Hosted App

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