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What is Secure Store Service?

Definition: Secure store service is an Authorization service that runs on SharePoint server.

It provides storage and mapping of Identity and Password of users. It also stores additional information in the fields that you define. These credentials are used to connect to the external system.

Stored credentials are mapped to the unattended service accounts (either single Identity or Group Identity). Secure Store Service provides support to store multiple set of identities for multiple back-end/external systems.

Some scenarios that utilise Secure Store Service while connecting to external data sources.

  • Excel Services
  • Visio Services
  • Performance Point Services
  • Power Pivot
  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS)

Some Guidelines: As the Secure Store Service stores sensitive information, it is better to consider a few things.

  • Run Secure Store Service in separate pool which is not used by any other service
  • Create a database for Secure Store Service on the separate SQL Server. Do not use the same server which is already used by Content Database
  • Take back-up of Generation Key and Secure Store Service Database

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