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What is Document Set?

Definition: Document set is a content type that can be used in a document library. You can keep collection of documents together as a single item and that is called a Document Set.

To enable document set in site collection, follow below mentioned steps.

  • Activate Document set feature at Site collection level
  • Go to a Document Library >> Enable Content Type
  • Now Click on “New Document” >> Document Set >> Specify New Document Set Name
  • Now you can add documents to this Document set.

Some points:

  • Welcome Page: Each document set comes with a welcome page which displays the document set metadata and files under the document set
  • Customize welcome page: You can modify the default page of the document set but the default page will be common to all the document sets in library. You cannot customize each document set welcome page differently.
  • Default Content: You can specify default content so that when you create new document set, the default content will automatically get created. E.g. if your company uses specific template for specific type of process, you can use predefined document template when you configure a Document Set Content Type.
  • Allowed Content Types: You can specify the content types, which can be used within Document set, when you configure a Document Set Content Type.
  • Workflows: (1) You can use standard Review and Approval workflow for the Document set, the entire Document set will get processed like a list item with the workflow steps. (2) You can also set workflow for individual document within Document set
  • Content Organizer: Document set can be used in Content Organizer for routing to different Site, Library or folder.
  • Version History: Version History can be captured of a document within Document Set

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