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What is Device Channel?

Definitions: Device Channel is a new feature in 2013, which enables the site content to render differently in different devices without changing the URL.

Some points:

  1. This feature is only available with SharePoint publishing sites.
  2. SharePoint Site Collection can support maximum 10 Device Channels only.
  3. A Device Channel can have maximum 150 Device Inclusion Rules.


  1. For this feature to work, we need to create Device Channel from Site settings >> Look and Feel >> Device Channel
  2. Enter User Agent String (Explained below) in “Device Inclusion Rules”. This value is used to identify the device from which the user is accessing the application.
  3. For different devices we can create different master pages with different styles, images, content styles.
  4. Each master page will be assigned a Device Channel. We can assign a Device Channel to Master page from Site Settings >> Look and Feel >> Master Page
  5. Based on User Agent string, browser can change the master page and render the content to the user.

User Agent String:

  1. User Agent string contains the information of what type of device you are using to access the site.
  2. User Agent string is different for different device and browser
  3. If you are connected to internet, just type “what is my user agent” in browser to know your user agent string.
  4. You can also get user agent string with JavaScript Command “navigator.userAgent”. Open browser >> Press F12 (developer tools) >> go to console >> write command “navigator.userAgent” >> Enter. You will be given user agent string. You can use this value in device channel.

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