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What is Active Directory (AD)?

Definition: Active Directory is a database/application that stores information like, User Name, password, other user information (user email, role, address, office location, etc...) and perform Authentication and Authorization. Active Directory also stores information related to network drives, volumes, Printers, scanners, various servers, etc...

  • Whenever there is any change in user information like change in role, address, user leaving the company, etc... Active Directory needs to be updated by latest and accurate information. Most of the other system (Outlook, Skype, access on network resources) in company rely on Active Directory for latest data
  • Apart from storing individual user information, AD is also used to create and maintain Groups of users and assign them access rights within organization to access various network resources.
  • O365 also allows synchronization between Active Directory and online service. That means all the users and security groups available in AD are also available in O365.

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