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What is Alternate key in Dataverse table?

In this article, we are going to learn about Microsoft Dataverse Alternate key, how to create it, what are the benefits of using Alternate key and the limitations of it.

What is Alternate key in Dataverse table?

In Dataverse table, Alternate key is used to identify the row uniquely in Microsoft Dataverse table.


  • Alternate key column is NOT GUID (Primary Key) column.
  • We can also create an Alternate key using multiple columns, so that two or more columns will be used to identify row uniquely.
  • You can create maximum 10 Alternate keys in single Dataverse table.
  • Alternate keys are not supported in Virtual Tables.
  • You won’t be able to use Alternate key in canvas app or power automate flow to do Insert, Update, Delete, Search operations.
  • You can use Alternate keys only programmatically or using Web API.
  • How to create Alternate key in Dataverse table?

    • Go to
    • Click on Tables and select your Table.
      What is Alternate key in Dataverse table?
    • Click on New and click on Key.
      What is Alternate key in Dataverse table?
    • Enter Display Name and Name of the Key. You can select single or multiple columns over here.
      What is Alternate key in Dataverse table?
    • Click Save. Your Alternate key is created.
    • Once you create an Alternate key, the table starts the process of index creation and based on the data within the table it will take some time.
    • Only after successfully index creation, the status of the key will be Active. The status of the key can be one of the following.
        • Pending
        • In Progress
        • Active
        • Failed

    What column types are eligible for Alternate keys?

    Only column with these types is allowed to be considered for Alternate key.

    • Decimal Number
    • Whole Number
    • Single line of text
    • Date Time
    • Lookup
    • Option Set

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