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What are the Logic Apps?

In this article, we are going to learn basic things about logic apps, why we need logic app and all the basic areas of understanding about Logic Apps.

Definition: Azure Logic app is the tool provided by Microsoft Azure Portal which lets you create automated workflows.

  • You need very little knowledge about coding to create flows in Logic app.
  • Logic apps comes with Visual designer using which you can quickly create flows.
  • We can utilize hundreds of different connectors in Logic apps.
  • Using logic apps, you can connect to Online as well as On-premises systems.

Some examples of Logic apps usage

You can use Logics apps….

  • If you want to send emails on periodic basis.
  • If you want to perform some actions on On-Premises, Online SQL, SAP, SharePoint, or any other Database.
  • Copy or move any file from one system to another system.
  • Monitor social media like, twits, mails, posts, etc...

Key areas of Azure Logic apps


  • Trigger is always the first step of the logic app flow.
  • Trigger in logic app specifies the condition which if fulfilled, will start and run the entire flow.


  • Each step after the first (Trigger) step is the Action.
  • Every operation in the flow except trigger is the action.

Built-In Connectors

  • These connectors run natively in Logic apps for any operation.
  • Built-In connectors don’t require to create a connection reference objects with Logic apps.
  • These are some of the Built-In connectors.
logicapps built in connectors

Managed Connectors

  • Managed connectors provide a way to connect to the other systems, DBs, applications where Built-In connectors are not available.
  • These connectors are usually tied to systems and services like, SharePoint, Salesforce, O365, Azure Key vault, etc.…
  • Usually, managed connectors require you to create a connection between the system and the logic apps.
  • These are some of the Managed Connectors.
logicapps managed connectors

What are the benefits of using Logic Apps?

  • You don’t need to be a hard-core developer. With very little know about the business flow, you can start working on it.
  • Logic app can connect to the other systems be it On-line or On-Premises.
  • You can use ARM (Azure Resource Manager) templates to setup and automate the deployment process.
  • Logic app can connect to other systems through hundreds of easy-to-use connectors.
  • In Logic app you can also create your own custom connector if there is no any suitable connector works for you.

Debugging the Logic App

  • Debugging the logic app is so easy.
  • You can open your logic app. When you open it, you will be able to see the flow RUN history.
  • All the entries come up with status (Success or Fail), Start Time, flow duration. Based on the timing of the flow.
  • You can click on any of these items from RUN history.
  • When the flow opens, you can see the trigger and each action has got green tick (or Red in case of error) on top right corner.
  • For the step having issue, it must be red tick and you can clearly see the error message on it.
  • For each step/action, if you expand the action, it will show you input and output result.

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