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Logic Apps and Parameters

Like in any other application, in Logic apps also you would want one or more values that you can supply externally as a variable. In this article, we are going to see how we can utilize parameters in Logic apps.


  • In both Consumption and Standard Logic app, we can create parameters from Azure Portal UI and Visual Studio Code but only in Logic Apps standard, we can create parameters from Visual Studio Code.
  • You can define the environment-specific variables in the parameter section. That way it will be easy to manage and use them throughout the application.
  • You can keep some values for testing the flow and when you go to the production environment, you can replace all the test parameters with your production parameters.

How to create a parameter and use it in the Logic app?

  • Open your logic app.
  • Click on the Parameters from the top navigation bar.
  • logic app parameter navigation
  • You can add parameters over here.
  • create logic app parameters
  • Whatever you specify in the Name field, the parameter will be available in the logic app with that value only.
  • You can see in the Type field have a specified string datatype value. You can choose one of these options.
    • Array
    • Bool
    • Float
    • Int
    • Object
    • Secure Object
    • Secure String
    • String
  • Note: In Standard logic app workflows, secure data types, such as secure String and Secure Object, aren't supported.
  • Now in your logic app, open any action. You can place the already defined parameter as shown in the screenshot.
  • use logic app parameter
  • When you run the flow you can see the Output.
  • logic app parameter output

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