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how to call logic app from azure data factory?

In this article, we are going to learn how we can trigger a logic app from ADF – Azure Data Factory.

  • Create a Logic App.
  • Logic app trigger action should be – When a HTTP Request is received.
  • Copy the HTTP POST URL. This URL is used to trigger the Logic App.
  • Now go to Azure Data Factory Pipeline.
  • Add Activity Web. In your ADF pipeline, add a Web Activity. This can be done by dragging the Web Activity from the Activities pane onto the canvas.
  • In the Settings Section of the web activity, you need to enter 3 main properties as shown in Screenshot.
    • URL: Paste the Logic App's HTTP POST URL that you copied earlier.
    • Method: Select POST as the method. Logic Apps with HTTP triggers are typically triggered using a POST request.
    • Headers: If your Logic App requires specific headers, add them here. For example, you might need to set Content-Type to application/json.
    • Body: When you select POST method, you will have to provide the Body. You can just keep this Dynamic Content: @concat('{','}'). If the Logic App expects a payload, enter it here. You can use dynamic content to pass information from your pipeline to the Logic App.
  • Save and publish. That is, it.
  • You can run the ADF Pipeline now.

Pass parameter from ADF to Logic apps

  • You can specify the parameter in the body part of the Web activity as shown below (FinalFileName parameter).
  • Now you can use this parameter in Logic app.

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