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How to use Fail Activity in ADF?

Azure Data Factory does not include a "Fail" activity as a built-in feature, like Copy or Filter activities. However, you can design failure scenarios manually using expressions and conditions to control the flow of your pipelines.

ADF – What is Fail activity?


This is an activity in Azure Data Factory, using which you can throw an error while running the ADF pipeline.

- The reasons can be many like, validation failed, the output of the activity is not expected. In any such scenario, if you want to throw an error you can use this activity.

ADF – Fail activity examples


  • Add a Fail activity.
  • Click on the Settings tab and specify 2 properties.
    • Fail Message: Message displayed in fail activity error body
    • Error code: Code, such as 500, categorizing error types
  • When we run it and executes this activity, it executes with Fail status.
  • You can see the output for error message and error code.

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