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How to use Execute Pipeline Activity in ADF?

The Execute Pipeline activity in Azure Data Factory allows one pipeline to invoke another pipeline within the same Data Factory environment.

ADF – What is Execute Pipeline activity?


This is an activity in Azure Data Factory, using which you can execute another pipeline.

  • This can be particularly useful for orchestrating complex data processing workflows where modular pipelines are executed in a specific sequence or conditionally based on the output of preceding activities.
  • You can pass parameters from the parent pipeline to the child pipeline, enabling dynamic execution flows based on runtime data or outcomes from previous steps in the process

ADF – Execute Pipeline activity implementation


  • Add Execute pipeline activity.
  • There are a couple of properties that you need to set.
    • Invoked pipeline: Select a dependent pipeline that the current pipeline is going to invoke.
    • Wait on completion: This defines if the pipeline activity should wait or execute the current pipeline before the parent pipeline is finished running. The default value is True.

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