Enable Folder Creation in SharePoint using CSOM

The example in this topic show how to use CSOM to Enable Folder Creation in SharePoint

  • using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client;
  • // Specify whether the "New Folder" command is available. Changing this setting does not affect existing folders.
  • using (ClientContext clientContext = new ClientContext("http://MyServer/sites/MySiteCollection"))
  • {
    • //  clientcontext.Web.Lists.GetById - This option also can be used to get the list using List GUID
    • //This value is NOT List internal name
    • List olist = clientcontext.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("new title");
    • olist.EnableFolderCreation = false;
    • olist.Update();
    • clientcontext.ExecuteQuery();
  • }

Thank you for reading this article. This code was tested in SharePoint 2013

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